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Vince Gilligan Reveals If He'll Continue The Breaking Bad Universe After Better Call Saul

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With Better Call Saul on the verge of wrapping up next week, fans of the show are wondering what will happen next in the Breaking Bad universe.

Despite fans obviously wanting more, Gilligan says not so fast.Vince Gilligan and co. have now made two of the most compelling dramas that television viewers have ever watched, so if they made another show in that same story, viewers will certainly tune in.

While Gilligan admitted that he'd like to do so, he's also weary of the Better Call Saul andBreaking Bad universe potentially going sour, which he wants to avoid at all costs.RELATED: Better Call Saul: Biggest Mistakes Made By The CharactersIn an interview with Rolling Stone, Gilligan was asked if he plans to continue expanding on the story once Better Call Saul wraps up.

While he wants to do more, Gilligan said he fears the show becoming a one-trick pony, as he calls it. «I can definitely imagine revisiting it.

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