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Travel back in time to fight zombies and tyranny in this upcoming survival shooter that's looking for beta testers right now

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The Front is a «survival open-world crafting shooter» that promises a little bit of everything. It sets players up as resistance fighters who travel back in time to stop the rise of a tyrannical empire that used technology taken from mysterious artifacts to conquer the world.

It sounds pretty straightforward as a sci-fi shooter setup, and not immediately terrible. But there are also zombies running around for some reason, and «exiles, thugs, and rebels» to deal with, tanks to drive and planes to fly, and even bases to build and defend «with tower defense-style traps.» And that's without even mentioning the weather, which is also apparently pretty bad.

Games that throw in everything and the kitchen sink often end up as directionless messes, but the trailer for The Front actually looks kind of interesting to me.

The Rust and DayZ vibes are clear, but there's also a giant techno-pyramid that may or may not be under siege, squadrons of armored vehicles and helicopters, some kind of giant UFO with a cloaking device looming overhead, a flight of dirigibles, camping out with the boys, some nice-looking houses… it really is a mashup of post-apocalyptic stuff, with no obvious connectivity except for all the people running around shooting at each other.

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