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Toads of the Bayou strategy game announced for PC

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Fireshine Games has announced the debut game from French studio La Grange, Toads of the Bayou, which is set to launch on Steam in 2024.

Toads of the Bayou is an isometric, turn-based tactical game with roguelike deckbuilding and settlement-building elements set within a cursed swamp.

The game takes players on a  journey through the deep south as they control a group of well-dressed toads who must fight off evil forces to protect their settlement.Yes, well dressed toads.

I don’t know that many toads but the usually don’t wear clothes at all so I’m quite looking forward to seeing some toads who make an effort with their appearance.The game features strategic grid-based combat of a turn-based tactical gam, along with the excitement of roguelike deckbuilding and settlement-building elements.

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