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Thor's Blood Brother Reclaims Stormbreaker in Jaw-Dropping Cosplay

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An intricate new cosplay brings Thor’s brother in arms Beta Ray Bill to life without sacrificing his unique design.

Not only that, the cosplay also allows Beta Ray Bill to reclaim the MCU weapon that should by rights be his: Stormbreaker. Introduced in Walter Simonson’s Thor #337, Beta Ray Bill is a fierce being from the world of Korbin — a planet destroyed by the demonic fire god Surtur.

Chosen as the champion of the remaining Korbinites, Bill underwent a series of cybernetic enhancements, giving him immense strength and deformities vaguely resembling a bipedal horse.

Upon meeting Thor during his travels on his ship the Skuttlebutt, Bill discovered his ability to wield Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, leading to an epic fight between the two to determine who deserved ownership over the weapon.

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