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"The surgery went well" - Twitch streamer Buddha updates the community after undergoing brain surgery

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On November 19, GTA 5 roleplayer and Twitch streamer Lucas "Buddha" provided a health update and notified the community after undergoing brain surgery.The content creator shared a Discord message through which he stated that he got discharged.

He cited doctors and specialists claimed the surgery went well, following which he was kept under observation.Lucas also stated that if he does not exhibit any further symptoms, he should be fully recovered in a few months.

His address read:Last week, on November 12, Lucas revealed that he had a brain bleed on the left side of his head. He stated that he would be undergoing surgery soon, and that he would keep the community updated.

An excerpt from his address read:Come November 19, Buddha followed up and revealed that the surgery went well. The Twitch streamer added that there was "no timetable" for his return and expressed his gratitude to those who have supported him.

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