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The New Dinosaur Justice League is Ridiculous, And A Must-Read Because of It

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Jurassic League #1 DC Comics has released its wild new Justice Leagueseries, showcasing a ridiculous world of dinosaur superheroes that has to be seen to be believed.

The perfectly titled Jurassic League imagines a unique universe where anthropomorphic dinosaurs have corresponding powers and prehistoric origins to the classic human version.

Not to be taken seriously in the slightest, the newly released first issue promises an entertaining and downright hilarious adventure as big as the giant lizards who are coming together to protect the world in this new series.

Releasing as a 6-issue miniseries, Jurassic League is from the wonderful minds of Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson. Right off the bat, Gedeon's artwork lends itself so very well to a world of dinosaurs with a very distinct and vibrant style to help set it apart from DC's other titles.

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