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The Legend of Zelda Tier List for Every Version of Link

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Nintendo's first party games are littered with iconic characters, from Samus in Metroid to Tom Nook in the much-loved Animal Crossing franchise.

However, there is only one who truly stands alongside Mario as one of the industry's greatest. Link from The Legend of Zelda has all the ingredients needed to make a plucky, unlikely, but heroic main character.

He's perfect for the adventure game genre, as each quest requires the might of a hero who always seems like he has a chance at success, no matter how slim the odds may be.

Link has changed drastically through the years, and while this may seem like it's because of hardware improvements (though this has something to do with it), there are definitely more reasons at play.Despite being the protagonist of every mainline Legend of Zelda title, there are plenty if iterations of Link, and only a few games share the same version.

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