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The future of game consumption | Playable Futures Podcast

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Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inboxDigital game distribution muscled in on the former dominance of boxed releases long ago.

But now the digital realm is fragmenting, as myriad new ways to consume games compete for user attention.In step with that movement, the very definition of what counts as a 'game platform' is shifting, in no small part because of recent year's emphasis on live servicing of titles.

In fact, the medium itself might someday soon brace itself for a flight from the very notion of 'platform' in the traditional sense.With all that in mind, episode seven of the Playable Futures podcast turned its attention to the future of game consumption, and the shift in the dynamic between user, creator and platform.The result was a wide-ranging, insightful conversation between two brilliant guests – Playco's chief administrative and legal officer Stephanie King and Midia Research's co-founder, senior analyst and VP of data Karol Severin.

Both brought robust analysis and fascinating data – and a lot of vibrancy and infectious enthusiasm. You can listen to the episode in the player below or download the file directly here – and scroll down for some of the episode's highlights.

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