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Thanos' Deadly Grand-Uncle Just Recreated Superman's Darkest Kill

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Warning! Spoilers for X-Men: Red #5 by Marvel Comics In one of his most brutal kills against the X-Men, Thanos' grand-uncle just murdered Magneto in a move much like Superman's darkest kill against the Joker.

In X-Men: Red #5 by Marvel Comics, Uranos the Undying obliterates the mutants on Arakko and leaves little life left alive on the mutant planet.

When the villain kills Magneto by reaching into his chest, it's reminiscent of when Superman lost control and killed the Joker during DC's Injustice.

In the Injustice alternate reality by DC Comics, Superman made a shocking turn towards becoming a villain after the Joker tricked him into believing via fear toxin that he was fighting Doomsday when really he was taking on Lois Lane, who was pregnant with their son.

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