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Steam is Adding Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Support

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Suffice it to say, console gaming would get nowhere without the implementation of a good, and above all intuitive, controller.

Nintendo's control pads have evolved significantly over the years, going from the angular two-button NES pad, to the weird three-pronged monstrosity that came with the N64, right through to the modern era with the Switch's Joy-Cons.

The latter have shown how far the technology has advanced over several decades, and it's recently come to light that Valve's Steam platform will now support these colorful sticks.According to the latest client beta update, which rolled out a couple of days ago, Steam now offers support for the Joy-Con controllers, adding that they can either be used separately as a «mini-gamepad» or combined as one.

This is bound to be good news for those who play PC games but want the option of using a different controller, and have a Nintendo Switch at their disposal.

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