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Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con Controllers Now Work On Steam

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Thanks to a new update, Steam users can use their Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers to play their PC games.

While Valve’s online gaming store and software platform is primarily meant to work with designated PC controllers (such as Valve's discontinued and legally challenged Steam Controller) or Xbox-branded gamepads, players have found ways to connect various other controllers to Steam, like the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller or the Nintendo Switch’s classic-style Nintendo Online controllers — the latter of which was added last month alongside a host of older Nintendo and Sega controllers from the 16-bit era and beyond.

However, one outside-the-box controller that has remained incompatible with Steam for a long time was the Nintendo Joy-Con, a multi-form controller that contains several surprising features to optimize gameplay on the Nintendo Switch.

Players can use the Joy-Con’s two detachable components as a pair of motion controllers, hold one of them as a more traditional NES-style controller, or attach them to the Switch’s designated touchscreen for gaming on the go.

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