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Stardew Valley Friendship Guide: Evelyn

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Making friends is fun! It's also an important life skill. In Stardew Valley, just as in real life, making friends is vital to success.

The player can gain a ton by befriending the correct characters. If the player can locate and befriend the correct characters, they will find that those characters can give them or grant them access to some surprisingly helpful benefits.Evelyn is one of the first characters a Stardew Valley player will encounter when entering Pelican Town.

She is a friendly old lady who has lived there her entire life. She can’t be romanced as she is already married to George. However, she is a great friend to have as the game progresses.

Evelyn can usually be found in her home between the trailer and the Saloon. Players will soon discover that Evelyn is always hopeful and optimistic.

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