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Stardew Valley Fans Should Keep An Eye On Roots of Pacha

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While the indie market is a truly diverse, creative, and unique aspect of the video game community, once in a while a title comes along the shapes a lot of future releases thanks to its innovation and popularity. Stardew Valley, ConcernedApe's 2016 simulation RPG that saw players build up their farm and integrate themselves into a town, was just such a game.

It has been the basis for many subsequent titles which tried to capture the same magic as Stardew Valley, with varying degrees of success.One game that has clear Stardew Valley inspirations, but still manages to carve out its own unique niche in the farming sim genre, is the upcoming Roots of Pacha.

Soda Den and Cryptivo's adorable RPG has a lot of similarities to Stardew Valley on the surface, but a quick glimpse beyond the cartoonish, pixel-based aesthetic shows that Roots of Pacha has so much more going for it than just a Stardew Valley-inspired sim.Stardew Valley Set the Bar for AAA Farming SimsThe basic elements are there for a typical indie farming sim.

Players must clear the weeds and debris from their settlement in order to establish their farm and help develop their community, but Roots of Pacha adds some really handy elements that show how attentive it is to the needs of players.

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