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Star Wars: Obi-Wan Getting The High Ground Is More Than Just A Meme

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For the most part, the climactic showdown between Obi-Wan and his fallen apprentice on Mustafar at the end of Revenge of the Sith is appropriately heartbreaking.

From Anakin being burned alive to Obi-Wan saying he thought of him as a brother, there are a lot of moments in this sequence that are difficult to watch for Star Wars fans who love this iconic duo.

But one line that’s been widely mocked and heavily memed over the years is, “It’s over, Anakin! I have the high ground!”Obi-Wan’s “high ground” comment is one of the most memorable Star Wars quotes, purely because it’s so silly.

There have even been lengthy discussions about the effectiveness of the high ground as a combat strategy. Obi-Wan declares the duel to be “over” just because he has the high ground, so he’s pretty confident in that strategy.

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