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Spy x Family: Who is Yuri Briar?

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Spy x Family certainly has its fair share of quirky characters, from the adorably over-expressive Anya to the silent-but-deadly Yor.

Out of the supporting characters, one of the most interesting of the bunch is Yuri Briar.His overbearing attachment to his sister Yor is probably his most memorable and odd character trait thus far, with some fans even questioning his relationship with her.

Beyond this, Yuri is an interesting character who will prove to be a spanner in the works for the Forgers. His position at the State Security Service will make sure of it.Spy x Family: Who is Franky Franklin?Yor and Yuri's parents passed away when they were quite young.

As orphaned children, they could hardly scrape together money to buy books for school. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and Yor picked up a job that could keep her brother in school; unbeknownst to Yuri, this was the start of Yor's career as an assassin.

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