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Spider-Man Cosplayers Recreate The Iconic Pointing Meme at SDCC

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At this point in the history of nerd culture, nearly everyone who’s anyone knows about the iconic Spider-Man «pointing meme» where Spidey and his similarly dressed doppelgänger point accusingly at one another in hilarious fashion; an image that's turned this meme into a viral masterpiece that has been used as fuel for many different memes across the world.

And now, at the recent 2022 gathering of nerds at the one and only Comic-Con Museum in San Diego, a Guinness World Record amount of cosplayers have recreated this meme to epic results!

Uploaded on Instagram by @comicconmuseum, this account is the official page for an “experience unlike any other,” where fans of Comic-Con and nerd culture alike can come to enjoy all things comics, film, television, video games, and anime-related.

A photo taken during the final day of this year's epic San Diego Comic-Con but shot at the front of the Comic-Con Museum, this particular photo encapsulates everything great about meme culture and nerdom, as it marries fan love for Spider-Man with the impressive costume feats cosplayers pull off daily.

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