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Spider-Man Remastered PC Release Date, System Requirements, Price, Download Size, and More

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Spider-Man Remastered on PC marks the fourth PlayStation 4 exclusive to step onto a new platform. Sony's critically-acclaimed blockbuster takes the titular spandex-wearing Marvel superhero and weaves an original saga tailored to the new generation.

Starting this Friday — early Saturday for those of us in India — PC gamers step into the shoes of Peter Parker, eight years into his crime-fighting career, and undertake numerous missions to avert danger threatening to ruin the city of New York.

The new Marvel's Spider-Man version comes with various quality-of-life improvements and support for ray-tracing on PC. Drawing inspiration from games such as Sunset Overdrive and the Batman: Arkham franchise, Spider-Man Remastered allows for smooth mobility, as you chain attacks together for bonus damage.

You can try out new high-tech Spidey gadgets and listen to J. Jonah Jameson's rants, all while thrashing several criminal masterminds and gangs located in the sprawling city.

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