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Sony’s Project Q offers far more Qs than As | Opinion

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Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox The scenario is straightforward: you're in a household which has one nice big TV in the living room, and one or more of you is an avid gamer.

You can't always monopolise the TV; sure, you've got daily quests to do, and battle passes to complete, but not everyone wants to sit and watch you do those on the only big screen in the house.

Other people want to watch movies or TV, or even play their own games. If only there was some way you could move your games off the big screen and keep playing them on a handheld device, freeing up the TV for other people to use, and allowing domestic harmony to reign once more.

That seems essentially to be the pitch for Sony's newest addition to the PlayStation hardware ecosystem, Project Q, which is a handheld device – an LCD screen shoved into the middle of a bisected DualSense controller – which will let you stream games from your PS5 over WiFi using Remote Play.

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