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Sisu director already has a sequel idea for his epic action film

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Since it debuted to mass applause at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, suitably in the Midnight Madness section, audiences have been losing their minds over Finnish delight Sisu, a film destined to become an action classic.

Delivering a satisfying blend of gory violence, epic action, and infectious spirit, Sisu makes the John Wick franchise seem pretty timid with just the first strike of the knife alone.

It's no surprise then that viewers have been craving more, wanting to see where else legendary ex-commando Aatami (Jorma Tommila) could take us.

With the story of Sisu following Aatami on his tough journey to the city to bank some gold he discovered – battling every Nazi that gets in his way – it certainly leaves space for other tales to be told.

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