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Rhythm Game Arcaea's Main Story Ends In July

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Japanese arcade-inspired mobile rhythm game Arcaea's main story will conclude on July 7. Developed by London-based studio Iowiro Limited, Arcaea's fifth and final main story pack, called Final Verdict, will cost $5.

The pack will come with more than four songs and a new course mode. A challenging feature, the new mode sets up four songs back-to-back.

In advance of Final Verdict's release, Iowiro Limited will offer the past story packs in a single discounted bundle. If you already own some of the previous packs, the bundle's price will scale to that amount.

For all four past packs, the bundle will cost $20. Arcaea's last story pack update arrived in 2020, and the game has continued to receive paid packs over the years since its release in 2017.

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