Dune MMO survival game artists tease the Harkonnens

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Several new Dune games have been in the works following the successful release of the movie last year, with strategy game Dune: Spice Wars out now in early access – but there’s also a Dune MMO game coming, and now we may have got our first idea of what the villainous Harkonnens could look like in that game.

We’ve known for a long time that a Dune MMO survival game is in development at Funcom, the team behind Conan Exiles. However, in the last two years, we haven’t even seen a single piece of artwork from the new Dune.

Now, two artists working at Funcom have revealed a detailed 3D model for a character called Captain Iakin Nefud Harkonnen. While they do label it as “fan art” (quotes theirs), Rui Pereira is a 3D character artist at Funcom working on Conan Exiles and Dune, and 3D hair artist Andre Pires also confirms he is working on Dune.

Consequently, it at least gives fans a possible idea as to where the Dune game is going in terms of character designs – who knows, this captain may even appear in the final game.

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