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PS Plus Premium Games for October 2022 Should Take Full Advantage of a Prior 'Leak'

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Sony is expected to reveal its next selection of PS Plus games on September 28, but it's uncertain if it would only reveal the free/Essential games or the Extra and Premium games too.

The first couple of months following the launch of PS Plus' new tier system, the free games and the Extra/Premium games were separate reveals.

However, the PS Plus Extra and Premium games for September 2022 were revealed on the same day as the free games, so it's uncertain.Whether it's on September 28 or later next month that fans learn about the PS Plus Extra and Premium games for October 2022, there is one game fans have been waiting on and that Sony itself accidentally 'leaked.' It's perfect for Halloween because it's a survival horror game—it may not be traditional Halloween horror, but no one would say no to playing Dino Crisis this Halloween season.PS Plus Premium Loses Critically-Acclaimed GameIndeed, fans have been wanting a newDino Crisis game for years, and fans have wanted Dino Crisis on PS Plus Premium ever since the service launched.

It would be a perfect trip of nostalgia, horror, and something a little standout for the month. There's also reason to believe that it's just a matter of time.Back in July 2022, PS Plus Italy announcedSoulcalibur: Broken Destiny (PSP), Ridge Racer 2 (PSP), and Dino Crisis (PS1) were coming to the PS Plus classics catalog, despite not being listed for North America.

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