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Potion Permit: Clearing The Landslide Quest Walkthrough

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Potion Permit does a great job of drip-feeding new mechanics and new concepts to you, usually through events and quests.

Sometimes, on the other hand, you have to be a little bit more proactive. For example, the rockslide that you may have seen in Meadow Range?

RELATED: Potion Permit: Beginner Tips Yup, it's up to you to deal with that. And it's well worth the effort, too. Clearing the rockslide is a service to the town and yourself, as you'll gain access to new resources as a result, including trees and rocks that are far better for accruing lumber and stone.

After your first few days in Moonbury, you'll probably start wondering how to expand your horizons a little bit. Once you have passed your first trial and acquired the first Approval Badge from Myer the mayor, you can start this quest.

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