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Overwatch Fan Spots Bizarre Tracer Art in a Real Life Restaurant

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Finding Overwatch fanart on the internet isn't difficult at all, with talented artists creating myriads of pieces for every character in the game.

However, stumbling across Overwatch fanart in real life is a different matter entirely.One fan of the series was surprised when they found a piece of fanart of Overwatch's Tracer on the wall of a burger shop.

However, the crossover subject of that art was even weirder, puzzling fans.Blizzard Reveals When Loot Boxes Will No Longer Be Available for Purchase in OverwatchReddit user FlopsMcDoogle shared an image of the art piece, which they found in a restaurant called The Burger Shop in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

The image shows Wile E. Coyote of Looney Tunes fame decked out from head to toe in Tracer's iconic classic outfit from Overwatch.

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