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Overwatch 2 Beta Update Buffs Sojourn and Baptiste and Gives Mercy a New Ability

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Blizzard's ongoing closed beta for Overwatch 2 continues, though it's planned to end later this week. Blizzard's goal with the closed beta has been to make an impression, however.

While Blizzard isn't delivering the full Overwatch 2 experience as promised, it can win players back over with quick updates and responses to feedback.

That's what is being done in Overwatch 2's next update, which not only improves Mercy's kit but also balance changes to Sojourn and Baptiste.The changes to Mercy are particularly interesting.

Not every Mercy player may be aware, but the support character has a unique interaction in-game called the Super Jump. Mercy players using Guardian Angel can crouch as the ability ends to fly high into the air, going higher than Mercy's normal jump.

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