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One-Punch Man Starts Unraveling the Series' Biggest Mysteries

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Warning: Contains spoilers for One-Punch Man chapter 164 The hit manga One-Punch Man has finally started to unravel some of its biggest mysteries concerning God and Blast, and it's all happening in the middle of one of the biggest fights in the series' history, the clash between the hero Saitama and the half-monster Garou.

One-Punch Man has conquered fans with its mix of high-octane action and humor. The manga is a parody of the classic battle shonen genre with a superhero spin.

Most of the time, the character are engaging in epic fights that defy every law of physics, especially when the protagonist Saitama is involved.

However, the series has also been able to build an interesting plot that includes some big mysteries. Besides the source of Saitama's limitless strength (which will perhaps never be revealed), there are two chief secrets in the manga.

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