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One Piece 1054: What To Expect From The Chapter

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One Piece's previous chapter saw Wano Country deliver its much-awaited banquet which Oda famously does at the end of every story arc.

The banquet lived up to the expectations, and mixed among all the joy was the incredible excitement generated by the new bounties of the Worst Generation members and the announcement of the new Yonko.

At the same time, chaos brewed in the Udon region of Wano, where Admiral Ryokugyu finally made his move.By demonstrating his incredible powers to the fans for the very first time, the Admiral wiped out King and Queen, along with all the other members of the Beast Pirates present there, with rather ease.

Furthermore, he appears to be heading towards the Flower Capital, with Luffy as his next target, and this could well be tackled in One Piece 1054.

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