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No One Can Get Over Gollum's Terrible UI

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Gollum, Gollum... Gollum. It's finally out, but like his precious ring, maybe it should've stayed in the cave. It's already the lowest-rated game of the year, helped by our own Features Editor Ben Sledge who scored it 1.5 stars, simply stating that it "is not a good game".

Those words ring true as nobody can get over its barebones UI. The initial trailer from the "pre-alpha state" showed Gollum overwhelmed by stylised options fluttering across the screen.

Ideas like "Don't hurt us!" and "Calm down! Quiet! Orc will hear us!" danced around his head as he contemplated what to do in an understandably stressful situation.

RELATED: Lord Of The Rings: Gollum Devs Explain Its “Creepy” Elves And Melian’s Role It looked pretty good, but the final build has a much lower-quality Gollum squatting next to the two options listed on his left, with everything plastered onto a dull brownish background.

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