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My Hero Academia 367: What To Expect From The Chapter

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My Hero Academia chapter 367 is one of the most anticipated ones in the series, as the previous one packed quite a punch with Mirio doing his utmost best to stop Shigaraki Tomura from destroying the last bit of hope that the Heroes were clinging to.

Previously, fans saw Mirko jump into action and fight with all her might. In doing so, she was able to weaken Shigaraki tremendously to the point where he started feeling fatigue and pain, quite possibly for the very first time.

After getting weaker, Shigaraki switched to a defensive form, which Mirio was up against in the previous chapter.My Hero Academia: What Happens When A Show Has Too Many CharactersMirio has always been a cheerful Hero and he used that very nature of his to buy enoughtime for the Heroes' plan to work.

Eventually, he also ended up buying enough time for Deku to arrive on the scene and deliver a powerful blow to Shigaraki. All eyes are on the protagonist of the series who has finally made his entry and, now, it is his time to shine.My Hero Academia 367 is most certainly going to focus quite a lot on Deku and Shigaraki.

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