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Ms. Marvel Is Now Disney Plus' Highest-Rated Show

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Ms. Marvel may have a hard time winning over viewers, but according to critics, Kamala Khan's origin story now stands head and shoulders above not only every other MCU series released so far: it’s officially become the best-reviewed show on Disney Plus.Having premiered three weeks ago, Ms.

Marvel has been praised for its representation of Islamic culture, the special regard for Pakistan and India's own history in the aftermath of the British partition of those two countries and Bangladesh, as well as a distinctive art style.

Nevertheless, Ms. Marvel did suffer an initial wave of review-bombing for a show whose cast is mostly South Asian or of South Asian descent.Ms.

Marvel Episode 3 Easter EggsYet that doesn’t appear to be enough to end critics’ honeymoon phase with the series. Now, Ms. Marvel has climbed all the way to first place in Rotten Tomatoes’ rankings for Disney Plus originals with a 96% score, even surpassing Loki (94%) and The Mandalorian'stwo seasons (92%).

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