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Modern Warfare 2 glitch allows players to use restricted weapon blueprints in Ranked Play

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In the second season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Ranked Play was officially introduced. The developers have offered the general audience the opportunity to play games with comparable qualities to CDL matches.Similar to the CDL (Call of Duty League), Ranked Play uses various guidelines and restrictions with regards to weapons and attachments to ensure that every player can enjoy fair gameplay in a highly competitive environment.

In fact, it even has a restricted map and mode collection; all modes and maps are inaccessible.Interestingly, a glitch was recently discovered in the game, allowing players to choose any blueprint from the shop and even modify their attachments.

The following article will go over every essential detail that players should be aware of regarding this recent store glitch.As previously stated, Modern Warfare 2's Ranked Play mode adheres to a number of guidelines.

To emphasize that point, the devs have banned the potent ISO Hemlock weapon that was released in Season 2 considering that it's an overpowered AR with high accuracy, great damage output, and low recoil which excels in both mid-to-long-range fights.For the sake of personalization, players will be able to choose and equip Blueprints from the game's shop and customize them with their favored attachments in ranked battles.

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