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Microsoft: We Need a New Government Agency to Regulate AI

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Microsoft is calling for the US and other countries to establish their own government agencies dedicated to regulating AI. Microsoft President Brad Smith made the recommendation today in a 41-page company report(Opens in a new window) about reining in AI amid concerns the technology could disrupt society, whether it be through deepfakes or taking away jobs from humans.

Smith said some of the regulation can occur through existing agencies and courts; they simply need the expertise on applying current laws to AI programs.

But he sees a regulatory gap when it comes to the smarter and potentially autonomous AI programs coming in the next decade.   “There will then be a need to develop new law and regulations for highly capable AI foundation models, best implemented by a new government agency,” Smith said.

To regulate more powerful AI systems, Smith sees an approach that not only involves new laws, but also issuing licenses that permit qualified data centers to run highly capable AI models.

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