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Marvel’s Spider-Man Modders Add The Suit From The Scrapped Lotus Fan Film

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Adding yet again to the seemingly never ending amount of mods being created by the Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered community, modders have now added a suit from the scrapped fan-made film Spider-Man: Lotus.

Marvel's Spider-Man has been a paradise playground for the modding community since its release on PC back in August, and the creativity from the fans is consistently being expressed with all kinds of new mods.

This mod, though, seems to be especially turning heads for both the high quality work presented and the controversy that surrounded the fan-made film.Mods are often sought after in PC releases to keep the games fresh long past when the credits roll.

With Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered in particular, though, the amount of new skins and ways to experience the game is astronomical.

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