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Lost Ark: Orvis Island Guide

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Orvis Island is one of the spookier islands Lost Ark has to offer and seems to be very Halloween-esq with all its pumpkins with faces carved into them.

The atmosphere is very dark too, and this island is home to one of Arkesia’s Field Bosses: Harvest Lord Incarnate. RELATED: Lost Ark: Kalthertz Island Guide Orvis Island is a tier two island, so tier one players, make sure to keep your distance.

Furthermore, there are tier two foraging and mining nodes here if you want to work on your Life Skills, but there are a lot of hostile mobs on the island, making gathering a bit annoying.

Anyway, there’s a nice chunk of things to do here’s, so let’s check them out. Orvis Island is located in the southern Sea of Gienah, southeast of East Luterra. Orvis Island sits amidst level two Dead Waters; make sure you prepare your ship for them.

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