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League of Legends LoLdle #254: Answers for Saturday, March 18, 2023

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LoLdle, the League of Legends version of Wordle, has released puzzle number 254 for March 18, 2023. The answers to the puzzle are easy for the most part, as all of the champions are extremely popular in the current League of Legends meta.

Players familiar with the game should be able to guess the solutions to the puzzle in no time. The answers to LoLdle puzzle number 254 are as follows:Classic: TaliyahQuote: UrgotAbility: Diana, Bonus: PassiveEmoji: DariusSplash Art: Blitzcrank, Bonus: Rusty BlitzcrankThe answers to some of the previous puzzles of League of Legends LoLdle are as follows:When it comes to the answers to LoLdle puzzle number 254, the only champion that might be a bit hard to predict is Taliyah.

This is because her region features a lot of other champions. Guessing Urgot's quote is also a bit tricky, especially for League of Legends players who mute the game or listen to music while playing.Diana and Darius, on the other hand, are easy to guess as they are beloved champions.

Blitzcrank should also be a quick guess, especially among support players, as he is fairly popular in the solo-queue meta.Poll : 0 votes Quick Links

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