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It Takes Two makes cooperation necessary | Why I Love

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Leo Fernndez InfanteThursday 23rd June 2022Why I Love is a series of guest editorials on GamesIndustry.biz intended to showcase the ways in which game developers appreciate each other's work.

This entry was contributed by Leo Fernández Infante, producer and programmer at Retro Forge, which launched the 2D Metroidvania game Souldiers on PC and consoles earlier this month.It Takes Two is one of those games that stays with you long after you've played it.

Developer Hazelight Studios (A Way Out) crafted an outstanding production all around with their excellent mechanics, elaborate scenarios, beautiful graphics, and neat puzzles.

It's a surefire 10 out of 10 in the "video game development good practices manual" and well deserving of the Game of the Year awards it racked up.

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