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Is the FIFA 23 Premium New Year Review Pack worth it in Ultimate Team?

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The Premium New Year Review Pack went live earlier in FIFA 23 with the start of the FUT Ballers promo, providing another great option for those who enjoy investing in special packs.

It comes with some unique offerings that are available at a high cost, but there's plenty of reasons as to why someone should look to get this pack.EA Sports has released several such packs in the past, with their release dates generally coinciding with the start of different promos.

Unlike standard packs, they offer different items and even carry boosted chances for special cards. This proposition makes it quite tempting for players to try and open them.However, there's a certain drawback for FIFA 23 players here, as these packs cost significantly more than the standard options.

As a result, analyzing the potential benefits is of great importance to ensure that they don't end up wasting their valuable resources.

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