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If The A17 Bionic Scores Were Legit, Apple’s First 3nm SoC Would Only Be 7 Percent Slower Than The Latest MacBook Running The M2

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Last week, the performance numbers of the A17 Bionic allegedly revealed that Apple’s first 3nm SoC comfortably beat the A16 Bionic with a 43 percent mult-core lead.

Unfortunately, the leak turned out to be a fake, but suppose it was not? If that were the case, then the SoC would only be slightly slower than the M2, and that is something that none of us are prepared to see.Let us go over the earlier single-core and multi-core scores first.

In Geekbench 6, the A17 Bionic obtained 3,986 and 8,841 points in both performance categories. Again, to the readers getting excited about these scores, their authenticity was debunked, but if this version of the A17 Bionic was going to head-to-head against the M2 MacBook Air, it would only be 7 percent slower than Apple’s redesigned portable Mac.On the Geekbench 6 database, the M2 MacBook Air achieves a single-core and multi-core score of 2,560 and 9,567, respectively.

Given that the MacBook Air features four performance and four power-efficiency cores, totaling an 8-core part, its multi-core result would always be higher than the A17 Bionic, which we assume would offer two performance cores when it is officially announced.The architecture difference could allow the actual A17 Bionic to register a higher single-core score, as in the previous leak, the fake results show a whopping 55 percent performance difference when compared to the M2.

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