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How to crouch and prone in Warzone 2

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With Warzone 2 only a few days old, players are already lining up in droves to load up and drop into Al Mazrah. In true battle royale fashion, players arrive on the island alone or in groups and compete to be the last person standing.While surviving on Al Mazrah and fighting against enemies and the encroaching zone, players must employ a variety of tactics to ensure their survival.

One of the most underappreciated tactics in Warzone 2 is effective movement.Everyone understands how to move quickly from one location to another.

However, many players overlook the fact that they can adopt certain stances while moving. These stances frequently increase a player's chances of sneaking past an enemy or even ambushing them.Crouching and going prone are two very important stances in Warzone 2 or any battle royale for that matter.

The act of sitting on one's haunches is referred to as crouching. Players typically do this while hiding behind walls and other structures to avoid being shot by enemy bullets.The act of lying down flat on the ground is referred to as going prone.

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