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Modern Warfare 2 bug lets players stow up to $1.3 million cash in DMZ mode, here's how

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Modern Warfare 2 has been out for almost a month, and players have been recording their gameplay footage and streaming the game live whenever they encounter a new bug.

From maxing out their weapons using a glitch to G-walking their way across the multiplayer lobby, players now have pretty literally "broken" the game.However, bugs and glitches in the game are gradually being removed as Activision releases regular updates and hotfixes to make the latest COD title enjoyable for the community equally.

While the multiplayer mode has its share of issues that gamers face, the two free-to-play modes, DMZ and Warzone 2.0 are full of such bugs.While the latest Ricochet anti-cheat engine prevents cheaters and such exploits from existing in the game, Warzone players are still turning back to their old habits of turning invisible and griefing.

However, the DMZ mode, an extraction-based game mode that pits players in a large lobby against AI bots and other players, is full of such glitches too.A recently discovered glitch by a player shows players can get up to $1.3 million cash in DMZ mode, where stowing cash, items, and other resources grant XP and help players get their favorite weapons to survive.

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