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Warzone 2's fan-favorite attachment completely nerfed by developers in the latest patch

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It's just been over a week since Warzone 2 dropped for the global community. While the community received the game quite well, there were a lot of bugs that the developers needed to address at the very beginning.The community anticipated that the developers would address these issues in the first patch.

That was not the case with the first patch. Instead of fixing some of the game's major bugs, the developers nerfed a fan-favorite attachment in Call of Duty Warzone 2.One of Warzone 2's most appealing features was the inclusion of armor-piercing rounds.

These rounds had the ability to sever armor plates like a hot knife through butter. Since the community discovered these armor-piercing rounds, they have become the focal point of most loadouts in-game.With the ability to purchase weapon attachments from in-game buy stations, most of the community purchased armor-piercing round upgrades if they hadn't already equipped these into their loadout before dropping into Al Mazrah.

Despite their popularity, the developers nerfed these rounds.At the time of writing, armor-piercing rounds only dealt piercing damage to armored vehicles.

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