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Warzone 2 fans are disappointed with the horrible audio system in-game

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 is Activision’s latest Battle Royale title that was released on November 16 as the sole heir to the legacy that was created by its prequel.

Although the game packs a stunning level of detail that resembles real life, the community has some concerns about its audio quality.Warzone 2 introduced a plethora of changes that make its pace and playstyle unique, which is rewarding for players who employ strategy and approach gunfights from a tactical perspective.

The game has presented some issues with its audio channels that negatively affect the experience.Fans have pointed out that the sound system that is being used in Warzone 2 is creating problems with the correct cues for several different sounds like walking or even running.

This has resulted in a lot of confusion for the player base as gathering intel only through sound cues becomes unreliable if they are inconsistent.Let us take a look at how these audio issues are causing problems across the board as the community tries to enjoy the promised and improved gameplay.Call of Duty Warzone 2 is a highly methodical Battle Royale that focuses primarily on a realistic approach for every enemy encounter instead of promoting all-guns-out action throughout the massive map of Al Mazrah.

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