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How to complete the Empty Grief seasonal challenge in Destiny 2

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While many are praising the new Destiny 2 season for having craftable weapons, an emotional story, and the new subclass rework, it also came with many bugs.

From invisible walls to completion bugs and game crashes, the overall problem regarding all the glitches seems to be increasing rather than getting fixed.One of these bugs comes in the form of a seasonal challenge this week, where the mission, Sever: Grief, isn't working as intended when it comes to a player's inventory.

The challenge requires everyone to complete the mission using a Void subclass alongside Void, Kinetic, and Stasis weapons.However, there are a few things that could lead to the challenge being a failure.

The following article will guide you through a list of things you should and shouldn't do while running the Sever: Grief mission for the Empty Grief seasonal challenge.Sever: Grief is the third mission in the seasonal quest, Bound in Sorrow for Season of the Haunted.

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