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How to complete all of the Friendship quests for Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Scrooge McDuck is a wealthy duck who runs a shop in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He is also the point of contact when it comes to paying for upgrades to houses or constructing them.Scrooge McDuck is available very early on in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

As players interact with him and give him gifts, his Friendship level will increase. This will eventually unlock many quests to further raise that level.

Making Cents of Things is the first Disney Dreamlight Valley quest for Scrooge McDuck. It kickstarts the economy of the Village by helping Goofy:Once you reach a new Friendship level, this next quest will become available:Most of Scrooge McDuck's quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley focus on the continuation of boosting the Village's economy:This next Disney Dreamlight Valley quest is fairly simple and doesn't take much time at all.

Scrooge just needs to be at a higher Friendship level for it to be accessed:The Forgetting, the event that put the Village in the state it's in, caused Scrooge to forget the combination to his safe.

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