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How to unlock hidden Teleport Waypoint at Valley of Dahri in Sumeru Desert: Genshin Impact guide

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The hidden Teleport Waypoint at the Valley of Dahri is tied to a Genshin Impact quest known as Afratu's Dilemma. It's extremely easy to miss for players visiting this region for the first time.

In fact, the Teleport Waypoint won't even appear on the map until one unlocks it.Thus, some will need a guide to help find it.

This article will start with how players can begin Afratu's Dilemma, along with advice on how to proceed with this quest up until they reach the hidden Teleport Waypoint.Travelers are recommended to have already activated the Statues of the Sevens in Sumeru's desert so they can follow this guide more easily.In order to start Afratu's Dilemma in Genshin Impact, players must head east of the Statue of the Seven in the Valley of Dahri.

Once they're close enough to the starting location, a cutscene will be triggered. An NPC named Afratu will talk for a long time, but the player will eventually get a prompt that tells them:Approach the yellow circle marked on the map.You should see a giant robot in the distance, and it will attack you if you get too close.

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