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Genshin Impact: Cyno Constellations Complete Guide

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Pulling for characters’ Constellations in Genshin Impact can have the same rush as pulling for these characters for the first time.

Some units become too good to miss out on when they achieve a couple of their Constellations.Related: Genshin Impact: Things To Know Before Pulling For VentiCyno wanters can consider getting at least his first Constellations since they add a lot to his kit and turn him into a more reliable DPS in Genshin Impact.Like any other 5-star unit in Genshin Impact, Cyno is a decent character at C0.

However, because of the current meta of quick swap units, Cyno suffers to prove himself as he needs around 20 seconds of field time.Unsurprisingly, his Constellations solve all his lacking and make him able to become one of the top DMG dealers in Genshin Impact.Cyno’s C1 is one of the best Constellations he can get.

It raises his ATK SPD by 20%, giving him a decent boost in DMG during his Burst state. What makes Cyno’s first Constellation in Genshin Impact so good is that the buff keeps refreshing to stay with Cyno the entire time he’s on the field.While the duration of this buff is not that long, Cyno can easily get all the stacks and maintain their presence throughout his Burst duration.If there’s anything Cyno suffers from, it’s getting his Burst back.

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