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Valkyrie Elysium: Weapon Upgrade Guide

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Increasing weapon proficiency in Valkyrie Elysium is in many ways the beating heart of this game.

Fending off thousands of foes to grow stronger, the Valkyrie's powers can improve through upgrades, skill trees, and consumable items; but nothing screams Valkyrie Elysium quite like the automated proficiency uptick brought about by one-woman warfare.

Related:The DioField Chronicle: Beginners Tips If it's automated, why use a guide? A fair question, but we do have an answer: because there's a golden rule to grinding out weapon proficiency that can make things a fair bit easier (and more importantly, less laboriously time-consuming).

We'll also briefly discuss the gem-based weapon upgrades that can imbue your blades with even more oomph. ('Oomph' might not be the official word, but it gets the point across.) The number of weapons you can gain throughout Valkyrie Elysium will depend, in part, upon whether you purchased the game physically or digitally, and furthermore, if your digital copy is the Deluxe Edition.

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