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How to complete all of Merlin's Friendship quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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Merlin is the first character that players will interact with upon entering Disney Dreamlight Valley. The wizard acts as a guide throughout the game and helps them use their magic to get the Village in pristine shape.

Though he has a much more important role than others, one can still befriend him.He has his favorite gifts, can have daily conversations with Disney Dreamlight Valley players, and can be served at Chez Remy.

As these actions raise his Friendship level, the Friendship quests will become available.Merlin has a few more quests in his line than other Disney Dreamlight Valley characters.

This may see his Friendship level rise quicker. Furthermore, a lot of them act as tutorials for the game:The Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley is how players will find other characters to unlock.

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