Stealth Arrow

Horizon Zero Dawn's Broken Whistle Mechanic Was A Thing Of Beauty

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I started Horizon Zero Dawn over this week. I’ve written in the past how I’ve failed time and time again to get into Guerilla’s open world epic, but something about Forbidden West finally changed my tune as I found myself pouring hours into the sequel as I became eager to uncover each and every little secret it had waiting for me.

But now I’ve gone back to the beginning, and one silly, yet brilliant feature from the original has me reeling. Stealth in Forbidden West is more refined.

Aloy now has a selection of specific stealth attacks and added abilities that make the act of luring wild machines and hostile humans over to your hiding place that much easier.

However, enemies are also smarter and more reactive, making it harder to wipe out a field of watchers or take over a rebel camp without being spotted.

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