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Horizon Zero Dawn PS1 Demake reimagines the title with a retro touch

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Horizon Zero Dawn recently saw a fantastic demake by Redditor ZeoNyph, who showed off what the game would likely look like on a PlayStation 1.

Made by hand in Blender, the creator gave a brief look at what fans would have seen in the 90s, if Horizon Zero Dawn had been made for Sony’s original console.

As it turns out, fans on Reddit absolutely loved it.The Bloodborne demake recently took the internet by storm. While this is not a full game by any stretch and is just a video concept, it took turned out to be incredibly popular, garnering 20K views in a handful of days.After a very retro, PS1-era title screen for the game appeared and there was a cool loading screen.

Players were treated to the image of Aloy fighting one of the powerful machines. Once the game began, Aloy stood by a campfire.

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